Gang Member Intelligence and Debriefing
Friday, August 23, 2019
0800 - 1700
Location: Ontario Police Department
Directions: 2500 S. Archibald Avenue, Ontario, Ca 91761

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STC Certified !! (STC #08777287)  

This course will focus on contacting gang members both on the street and in-custody with the intent of gathering intelligence and how to prepare for those contacts. An emphasis will be placed on how to effectively cultivate intelligence and identify potential sources while expanding beyond the basic interview to build a rapport. Various successful communication techniques used to gain cooperation will be examined. The course will also cover proper documentation of gang members, identification and significance of street verses prison tattoos, paraphernalia, indicia, current street & custody trends of gang members. Interviewing female gang members/associates and their role within the organization will also be discussed.

This course will include a GUEST SPEAKER who is a former gang member who was debriefed and recruited by law enforcement as an intelligence source while in-custody. During the course the attendees will engage with and debrief the guest speaker. This is an imperative course for any law enforcement officer to get an inside look into criminal organizations and the internal workings. You don't want to miss this opportunity!!

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