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  3-Day Undercover Operations
STC Certification Number: N/A
Course Length: 24 hours

This is an intense hands-on real world course, which is highly sought after throughout the country and is an excellent course for both newer and experienced Law Enforcement personnel.  This fast paced yet in-depth three-day course includes case development, undercover investigations, operational planning, tactical planning, controlled buys, dope flashes, money flashes, takedowns and officer safety issues.  The role of the Case Agent, Undercover Operative and the Supervisor will also be examined.  Lecture and real case studies by undercover operatives will advance into undercover scenarios where each student participates in undercover operations.  The final day of the course will consist of actual mobile undercover field operations from inception to conclusion.

In addition to the undercover operation aspect this course will also provide the students with the basic skills of stationary, foot, and mobile surveillance techniques.  The use of wire transmitters and tracking devices will also be covered.  Day one will consist of lecture and real world case studies, day two will consist of undercover buy scenarios and day three will consist of mobile field undercover operations.

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