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  Advanced Informant Management
STC Certification Number: N/A
Course Length: 16 hours

This advanced course was designed for Officers, Detectives and Supervisors involved in Narcotics, Gangs, Vice/Human Trafficking, and other specialized units/assignments. This is a highly sought after course for all levels of law enforcement, from the officer to top management, and is key in minimizing liability while increasing operational success.

This 16-hour course will focus on case development; using informant for proactive enforcement, managing informants; operational planning and execution; safety, liability and protection issues with informants; handler responsibilities; court procedures and testimony and “red flags” associated with handling informants. The proper/legal use of GPS tracking devices during informant operations will also be covered. 

Day One will consist of lectures on the above outlined topics by experienced Investigators and a Specialized Prosecutor for court preparation and testimony of cases involving an Informant.  Day two is the application of the topics covered on day one and will consist of field exercises utilizing an “Operational Informant”.  Students will conduct mobile surveillance and identify effective techniques to utilize during informant operations, such as meeting with suspects.

Typically, this course includes a special guest speaker who was an actual high-level Informant.  It is highly recommended that students attend the “Basic Informant Development” prior to this course, however it is not mandatory.  This course also includes a comprehensive Informant Development & Management Manual, which includes different search warrant and operational examples. HT Radios and equipment will be provided during the exercises.  Due to the field scenarios, the class size will be limited to 35 students.

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