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Serrato & Associates has partnered with Far West Meat Company to sell special packages to Law Enforcement and First Responders and their family and friends. Far West Meats is a USDA certified meat company and one of the largest meat manufacturing companies in Southern California. Since 1962, Far West Meats has supplied meat products to most major retails stores within Southern California. The owner of Far West Meats is Tom Serrato, who is the brother to Rick Serrato (owner of Serrato & Associates). Due to COVID-19, it has become difficult waiting in long lines at most grocery or wholesale stores and not able to find good quality meat.

The following list of products will be available and each product has been vacuum packaged to maintain freshness and eliminate the hassle of having to package the meat at home. This packaging allows the meat to be frozen for up to 6 months while maintaining it’s quality and wholesomeness:


Boneless Marinaded Chicken Breasts – 6 pack (18 Lbs) - $84.00

  -(Lemon Pepper, BBQ, Southwest, Sante Fe, Hawaiian Teriyaki or Plain)

Lean Ground Beef – 1 pound packs (5 Lbs) - $30.00

Carne Asada “Skirt Steaks” (5 Lb Box vacuum packaged) - $32.00

Boneless Choice Rib Eye Steaks (3 Lbs) - $37.00 

Boneless Choice New York Steaks (3 Lbs) - $35.00

Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops (5 Lbs) - $24.00

Grass-Fed Ground Beef (5 Lbs) - $34.00

Tomahawk Ribeye Steak (2 Steaks per Box weighing 6-7 Lbs) - $19.00 per pound 

FREE Delivery with orders of $200 or more!!

Payments accepted: cash/check/credit card 

To place an order please email or Call 909-548-7799  


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