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  Compliance Search & The 4th Amendment (Lecture & Scenarios)
STC Certification Number: 5291-071481
Course Length: 8 hours

This is an excellent course for all LE personnel involved in Supervision, Corrections, Patrol, Narcotics, Investigations and Supervisors assigned to field operations. This course focuses on conducting safe, effective and legal compliance searches of those on supervision.

The first portion of course includes discussion of Peace Officer's legal authority (PC 830.5), Use of Force, Liability, Fourth Amendment waivers and protections. The course will also examine searching persons not subject to a Fourth Amendment waiver search. The second portion of course involves scenarios, which allow the students to demonstrate the proficiency of topics and laws covered.

This course will include an 18 page “Compliance Search Legal Survival Guide”. This guide provides an in depth examination of compliance searches, the law associated with them and surrounding legal issues.  

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