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  Surveillance Techniques (Lecture)
STC Certification Number: 5291-071805
Course Length: 8 hours

This course is important for Probation Staff working the field and any LE member assigned to special operations. Due to the AB 109 Realignment, more agencies are involved in proactive enforcement and surveillance plays an important role. Surveillance is an “Art” that requires training, discipline, and patience. 

This course will cover basic surveillance & counter surveillance techniques, mobile surveillance, field operational planning, goals and objectives of surveillance operations, decision-making, equipment preparation, proper documentation, and how to operate in a team surveillance concept. Additionally, the proper and legal use of GPS tracking device along with search warrant examples for tracking devices will be covered. When agencies are involved in proactive enforcement surveillance plays a critical role. Without the proper training, use of safe and proven techniques and hands on experience, officer safety and the success of a surveillance operation can be in jeopardy.

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