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  2-Day Surveillance & Covert Operations
STC Certification Number: N/A
Course Length: 16 hours

This course was designed for Officers/Detectives assigned to Narcotics, Gangs, Vice/Human Trafficking, or other Specialized Units. This intense two (2) day course will provide the students with the basic skills of stationary, foot, and mobile surveillance techniques. Surveillance is an “Art” that requires training, discipline, and patience. Most investigations involve conducting surveillance of individual(s) without being detected, which is why understanding and employing proven techniques is so important. This is an excellent course for both newer and experienced LE personnel.

Day one will consist of classroom lecture involving proven surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques, mobile surveillance, field operational planning, goals and objectives of surveillance operations, decision-making, equipment preparation, proper documentation, and how to operate in a team surveillance concept. Additionally, the proper and legal use of GPS tracking device along with search warrant examples for tracking devices will be covered.

Day two will consist of mobile surveillance training scenarios, where the students will conduct surveillance on role players. Decision making out in the field and team coordination will also be covered. 

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