The Making of a Mexican Mafia “Shotcaller”
Friday, December 06, 2019
0800 - 1700
Location: Fontana Steelworkers Auditorium
Directions: 8437 Sierra Avenue, Fontana, Ca 92335

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Don’t Miss this Rare Opportunity with 2 Special Guest Speakers!!

This course will provide an in-depth look at the ideologies and influence of the Mexican Mafia (La EME) and the criminal street gangs loyal to La EME. Gang members with allegiance to the Mafia are universally known as Sureños and they function as willing enforcers. These foot soldiers facilitate widespread criminal enterprise in our communities and inside dozens of local, state and federal institutions. The EME has successfully fostered allegiance of more than 50,000 gang members and over 5,000 validated Sureños throughout the United States.

This course will include two guest speakers who will provide a first hand account of the grooming, manipulation and politics behind the making of an EME “Shotcaller”. The first guest speaker is a former Los Angeles Sureño ENFORCER and SHOTCALLER who headed a deadly street crew and facilitated Mexican Mafia business, to include assaults, murders, drug sales, County Jail operations, street operations, smuggling, and other criminal activity. The second guest speaker is a former highly placed MEXICAN MAFIA MADE MEMBER who began as a street gang convicted killer turned EME assassin and was instrumental in helping establish La EME's drug distribution foundation. This is an imperative course for anyone involved in Law Enforcement and Corrections. Various gang resources will be available during the course.

The course is STC certified (STC#5291-066474)

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