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  AB 109: From Prison to Probation
STC Certification Number: 5291-071589 (4 Hours)
STC Certification Number: 5291-057330 (8 Hours)

Due to the AB 109 “Realignment”, this is an excellent course for all personnel working in Law Enforcement and specifically beneficial for Probation Officers and Correctional Staff due to the large number of Probationers and inmates who have been incarcerated in the State Prison system.

The course will provide an enhanced understanding of the California Prison system, Prison politics, prison gangs, violence, and the culture of inmates being released on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS). The instructor will provide an in-depth look at AB109 and its unintended consequences and the transition from prison to “community supervision”. Deciphering prison tattoos/art and the criminal mentality, which poses a real officer safety issue will also be covered.

An emphasis will be placed on compliance searches, the law associated with them and surrounding legal issues. Additionally, each student will receive a Compliance Search “Survival Guide”. The Instructor has over 10 years of law enforcement experience and has conducted hundreds of compliance searches on parolees and those on community supervision. The instructor is a POST and ICI certified instructor, a recognized gang expert, a published author and has been instructing and updating this course over the past six years.

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