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  Graffiti Investigations
STC Certification Number: 5291-057321
Course Length: 8 hours

This course will enhance awareness of graffiti and the problems that effect law enforcement and our communities. The difference in graffiti between "Tagging Crews" and  "Gangs" will be examined to include understanding of the psychology behind why juveniles join "Tagger Crews" and later "Criminal Street Gangs". Investigative tools will be discussed, and the instructor will demonstrate how to evaluate graffiti issues, conduct investigations, utilize public works, identify available prevention programs and the importance of collaboration with law enforcement and non-government agencies.

This course is valuable for all Law Enforcement, including Probation Officers supervising juveniles and gang members or Probation/Correction Officers supervising inmates documented as "Taggers". The knowledge gained in this course will assist in more effective supervision of  "Taggers" and issues when housing "Taggers", which may lead to additional gang problems such as assaults.

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