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  Street Drug ID & Packaging for Probation and Corrections
STC Certification Number: 5291-071590 (4 hours)
STC Certification Number: 5291-053887 (8 hours)

This course was specifically designed to enhance the knowledge and expertise of personnel working in a Correctional facility and Probation Officers. The focus of this course is the use of Street Drugs and the associated Paraphernalia. Additionally, the signs and symptoms of street drugs use and determining if a person is under the influence will also be covered. This course will include how drugs and paraphernalia are smuggled into a correctional facility and identifying the common used drugs. This is a unique and hands on course, the students will participate with the packaging, weighing, and preparation for use of simulated drugs. The course instructors have over 25 years of experience with narcotic enforcement experience and have both worked with several Countywide and Federal Narcotic Tasks Forces. Both instructors are qualified narcotic "experts" and instruct various narcotic related courses to numerous law enforcement agencies throughout California. Additionally, both have received the prestigious CNOA "Narcotic Officer of the Year" award.

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